Playout Facility

CROATEL company signed a contract with HDWIN that includes exclusive technical broadcast service of Arena Sport programs on both T-HT (Croatian Telecom) IPTV and DTH platforms.

Starting January 1st 2011, six HD channels are broadcasted and downconverted for SD channels (Arena Sport 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 HD and Arena Sport 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 SD).

All six Arena Sport channels are broadcasted from CROATEL’s new technical facility (TV studio) in Zagreb, Croatia. CROATEL playout system was purchased from Grass Valley iTX integrated playout platform and Grass Valley – K2 3G Server and Ingest System.

Arena Sport covers UEFA Champions League, Europa Football League, Croatian Football League, Italian Serie A Football, French Football League 1, Regional Water Polo League, LEN Champions Water Polo League, ABA Regional Baskeball League, SEHA Handball League, NHL, EHF handball championship, boxing and tennis matches etc.

System contains:

  • Grass Valley iTX integrated playout platform for television broadcast whit all core playout functions (source selection/mixing, file playout, up/down conversion, ARC, audio processing & up/down mixing, graphics, subtitling/captioning, Nielsen watermarking and automation)
  • Real-time rendering using Vertigo XG graphics processor
  • Grass Valley Aurora STRATUS platform for video production and content management system including ingest channels
  • Dell EMC Isilon high-volume storage 200TB for backup and archiving
  • Grass Valley SAN 70TB ingest storage
  • Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G playout servers, 4 channels per server
  • Grass Valley K2 Solo with Dyno Controller
  • 6 Junger Audio mixers
  • 6 commentary booths equipped with Prospect commentary boxes
  • Yamaha DM1000 audio mixer
  • Sony MVS 3000 video switcher with 2 M/E busses and 4 keyers per M/E
  • Grass Valley NVision 8144 (144×144)
  • 6 non-linear editing rooms equipped with Edius 9, GVG Storm 3G video card installed on HP Z800 Workstation with optical connection to  storage
  • Graphic Workstation HP Z800 with Adobe CS5 Production Premium package, Power Mac G5 with Finalcut Studio package and 27-inch iMac with Thunderbolt UltraStudio 4K
  • 9 satellite receivers/decoders Ericsson RX8200
  • 3 satellite receivers/decoders Tandberg RX1290
  • 2 satellite receivers/decoders Novelsat NS2000
  • 12 satellite antennas of 2,4m diameter, plus one 1,8m motorized antenna
  • 2 uplink antennas 2,4 m diameter, TVTA 750W, Ericsson Voyager II
  • 8 journalist workstations
  • 2 x UPS (40kVA and 20kVA)
  • 2 x diesel power generator (80kVA and 35kVA)
  • 550 square meters of playout facility
  • 150 square meters of virtual studio with green key, Kino Flo LED light panels with DMX controllers and three studio Grass Valley LDX86N cameras
  • Tracking system Stype RedSpy and Stype Fluid Heads
  • VizRT Virtual Studio with 3x live virtual sets and AR (augmented reality) graphics including Viz Engine, Viz Pilot and Viz Artist
  • Viz Libero sports analysis solution with telestration tools for automatic player tracking, 3D flights, Libero AR, virtual presenter and virtual stadium
  • 3x Blackmagic Ulimatte 12 real time processor for keying live action video with Ultimatte Smart Remote 4